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RONAM Values


Ronam’s team members integrate and share daily certain values that are fundamental to Ronam: client satisfaction, respect, team spirit and fun. These values are very present in our actions, our interactions and our interpersonal skills.

Client satisfaction

For Ronam Constructions, a general contractor company mainly working in the private sector, client satisfaction is the primary objective. It is essential that a bond of trust, based on transparency, integrity and honesty, can be established.

From the very beginning, we take the time to fully understand the concerns of each stakeholder and to obtain clarification on the client’s expectations and values. These expectations and values then become the framework for our future decisions.

Throughout the projects, we make sure to collaborate and communicate effectively with all the stakeholders so that the project progresses as agreed and while maintaining compliance with the budget, the schedule and the quality program.

Our mission is to offer you the best client experience by delivering your construction project to your requirements and to your complete satisfaction.


For us, the respect is important at all levels, as much with our clients as with professionals and subcontractors. Respect also takes several forms:

  • To Learn about the client’s expectations and values
  • To have transparent and professional communications with all stakeholders
  • To be responsive to all the stakeholders and to create synergy between them, so the work environment will be the most enjoyable
  • To have consideration for the occupants when the construction projects are carried out on sites occupied by customers or employees (safety, accessibility, noise, dust and odor control, cleanliness of the site, etc.)
  • To pay great attention to the health and safety of the workers
  • To respect the established budgets and deadlines
  • To work daily as if your projects were ours
  • Etc.

The values of respect, honesty and integrity have been conveyed by Ronam’s employees and recognized by our clientele since the very beginnings of our existence in 1990.

Team spirit

We consider that is it necessary to establish a complicity between the different stakeholders: clients, professionals team members. According to us, the success of a project depends on a good team cohesion, which, to be possible, must go through:

  • The establishment of a collaborative working environment
  • An agreement on the common objectives of the project and on the working methods to achieve them
  • A good understanding of the roles of each stakeholder
  • Transparent, respectful and constant communications

Our dynamic working atmosphere, our passion for the construction and our desire to have fun while working are well felt when carrying out construction projects.

The human side, the conviviality of the team and the concern for the development of the employees are elements that we integrate within the company and which allow us to achieve the objectives in the best working conditions.


Our team has the expertise, the innovative ideas and the passion to carry out your construction, expansion and renovation projects, to your complete satisfaction.

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