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Client experience


The objective of Ronam Constructions is to offer the best client experience, by combining our expertise in construction and our passion for the challenges in order to maximise the value of our clients’ projects and to allow the realization of efficient buildings.



One of our strengths is our ability to share our expertise with our clients and to the professionals and this, from the pre-project period or as soon as your construction project develops. Calling on our team at this stage allows us to optimize your project, whether it is for:

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To reduce the construction costs

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To speed up the delivery of the final building

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To design and plan the project for future expansions

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To improve the use of the land on which your building will be built

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To identify the critical issues of your project more quickly

In an open-mindness attitude to new ideas, Ronam offers approaches and optimized solutions allowing significant savings while maintaining established objectives.

Identification and understanding of the project challenges

In order to achieve the common objectives of the project, it is essential for our team to properly identify the critical issues of the project and to well understand them from the start. Following this step, we commit ourselves to provide the resources and the expertise to control the risks and to deliver a project to the complete satisfaction of the client. The identified critical issues are rigorously monitored throughout the project.

Communication and collaboration with project stakeholders

From the very start, we integrate the knowledge and the expertise of the team members, the stakeholders and subcontractors. We know how to use the skills of each of the stakeholders and to establish a complicity between them. Our dynamic approach motivates the key stakeholders and empowers theirs actions. The establishment of a collaborative climate, real synergy between the stakeholders as well as transparent, respectful and constant communications is at the heart of the success of our projects.

Rigorous monitoring of the budget and schedules

The budget and the work schedule are definitely common issues to all the projects we carry out, which is why we give great importance to monitoring and respecting them.

We understand the importance of realizing the construction of yours projects to the best possible cost. Thanks to our expertise, we have several ideas and alternatives to reduce the costs and optimize the value of the projects.

Several elements can be put in place to shorten the duration of the schedule or to compensate for the unexpected, when necessary. Our team offers multiple strategies and uses different working methods to meet client needs.

Quality control

Rigorous management of the quality of our work and our services is carried out by the team of Ronam Constructions. We have developed simple and efficient processes as well as control points to ensure the quality of our services and our works.

We make sure:

  • To meet the highest construction standards
  • To build in compliance with the plans and specifications
  • To control the quality of the materials and equipment delivered on the construction sites
  • To deal with subcontractors and stakeholders who have demonstrated their expertise and their commitment
  • To make regular inspections to control the quality of the work done
  • To meet deadlines and budgets
  • To provide our services in a professional manner and to the complete satisfaction of our clients
  • Etc.


Our team has the expertise, the innovative ideas and the passion to carry out your construction, expansion and renovation projects, to your complete satisfaction.

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